So I got into the suit, putting the straps of the oversized mascot head under my arms, and realized I couldn't reach the zipper (which was on the back of the body suit), so I asked him for assistance.

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Leave me some comments and tell me if it was good or not We were sitting around, bored, not sure what to do, and Beth suggested we play dress up.

I disregarded this as a stupid idea, so we decided to add an interesting element to the factor -- somebody else would choose what you wore.

", and I respond telling her I can't reach the zipper.

Then she laughed and said something along the lines of "Lets just leave him in there and do something else".

All in all, it was a fun experience, since I've never been helplessly bound before, though it was quite uncomfortable since it is quite warm inside fully furred mascot costumes.

I'm not quite sure how professional mascots can stand the heat -- but my hat is off to them.Below are some reasons from the article, , by my colleague, Jed Diamond, Ph. As you read them, notice that of these 8 reasons, only 4 really have to do with sex. Diamond had to say: As a therapist I talk to many men and women where pornography has become a problem in their lives. "If we've agreed to be true to each other does having ‘virtual sex' in an on-line chat room constitute being unfaithful? "I know men are different and have different sexual drives, but if I can't trust him to be honest where will it end? For others it creates anger and distance in the relationship. I've discovered some other significant reasons why men watch porn in my counseling for men who are struggling with internet porn.Is it OK if he goes to a sex club and gets a lap dance? Monica was furious with Ed when the couple came to see me. Porn is so much more complicated than people think.Watching porn negatively affects the guy watching it, as it does his partner, who usually feels he is cheating (Find out what women think about porn). " TEST THE LOVE OF YOUR PARTNER WITH OUR 'IS THE LOVE GONE? I say, yes, it is cheating and you can learn more about why I say so and what others, women and men, think about men looking at porn by reading this article on porn and cheating. I guess an occasional look see doesn't hurt, but he seems to be on the computer all the time. Take a minute and think about what other reasons there could be.Before we go further into the negative affects, let's first get back to the reasons why men watch porn. Below is another couple's experience where the negative effect of porn can begin to be seen. I often hear men tell me that #2, the variety and endless options, and #3, being able to explore fantasies that their partner would reject, make watching porn appealing and can cause it to become addicting.She whispered something to the other people there, and suddenly there were dragging me towards a support-pole in their basement.